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Welcome to our residential pest control services.If you’re here we assume you need pest control services in Irvine. Well, you’ve arrived at the best place! Pest Control of Irvine provides the highest quality pest control and rodent control services to the Irvine area. We won’t force you into an obligatory contract. Some of our loyal customers just need a single pest treatment. We tailor our pest treatment to your needs. Although, if you require pest maintenance service to to keep your family safe all year, we’re here to help! It’s our duty to do anything you want. Just call 949-287-5548.

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No matter if your family is having problems with spiders, cockroaches, mice, bees, or any other pest, our exterminators are available to protect you and your family. Typically, pests stay hidden during the winter months. Often, they find shelter inside your structure. For this reason spring and summer seasons are pest-heavy. The bugs and critters remove themselves from their hiding place and start annoying you once it gets warmer.

In recent months our company has been receiving a lot of calls from Irvine residents for spiders, fleas, bees, and bed bugs. Bed bugs can prove complicated to get rid of; it is unfortunate that bed bug problems are becoming more common. We have also received quite a few requests for termite problems in the past few months. Termites are experts at stealthily invading houses undetected and stay unnoticed while they destroy your property or other wooden structures.

We feel that keeping your home safe is our mission. Our exterminators will always make the safety of your family our first priority. As we conduct our pest services we will always ensure that safety is a priority. If you have kids or pets, we will use child and pet-safe treatments so that no harm can be caused to them.

If you are someone that can’t stand pests, we strongly suggest a pest control maintenance plan. We will visit your home seasonally to perform preventative pest solutions. The goal is to get rid of pests before they become a problem. If for some odd reason while you are receiving these preventative treatments, you have a pest problem, just give us a call and we’ll fix it! It’s all included in the plan. If you’re someone that can’t stand pests, this is the most suitable and affordable plan. Just give our Irvine pest control technicians a ring now at 949-287-5548 and we will be happy to discuss your choices and assist you any way we can!

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